FAQ - How safe is Copper Jack?

How safe is the boat?

The boat and its crew are fully licensed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA). This official body would not allow us to operate the boat if they were not satisfied with the safety of the boat.

Rest assured, you are extremely safe on Copper Jack.

Can I walk down the side of the boat or sit at the stern or bow?

All passengers must remain inside the cabin of the boat during the boat trip.

The crew are the only ones allowed to walk down the side (gunwale) of the boat, bow and stern decks.

Does the boat have life jackets?

We carry NN adult and NN child life vests. 

Life jackets / vests are not required to be worn whilst onboard.

Does the boat have a life raft?

Copper Jack does not have ONE life raft, it has TWO. Thankfully we have never has to use one, though always nice to know they are there should we ever need to use them.

What fire protection does the boat have?

The engine room is fully protected by a STAT-X fire suppression/protection system and the cabin equipped with regulatory fire extinguishers.

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