FAQ - What is Copper Jack / Jac Copr?

What is the name of the boat?

Our first boat was called Black Prince and served us until 2013 when we commissioned the design and build of “Copper Jack” / “Jac Copr” which was launched in 2014.

How safe is the boat?

The boat and its crew are fully licensed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA). This official body would not allow us to operate the boat if they were not satisfied with the safety of the boat.

Rest assured, you are extremely safe on Copper Jack.

How big is the boat?

At over 57ft long and licensed to carry 47 passengers, Copper Jack is one of the largest boats in Swansea Marina.

How many passengers can the boat carry?

Copper Jack is licensed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) to carry up to 47 passengers.

Where did the boat come from?

Copper Jack / Jac Copr was designed by Pratt Naval Architecture and built by Colecraft Engineering in Strafford-upon-Avon.

What powers the boat?

The boat is propelled by a Vetus Deutz diesel engine and a Vetus diesel generator.

Steering from the stern using a tiller and assisted by bow and stern hydraulic thrusters.

Do the windows of the boat open to provide ventilation?

Copper Jack has large windows on both sides of the boat, in the roof and at the front (bow).

The windows provide all-round viewing of the route.

For safety, the side windows have horizontal hopper-style windows that can be opened to provide for ventilation.

The front (bow) window and entrance can also be opened to provide for ventilation if required – though access to these is prevented during the cruise.

How do we board and disembark the boat?

Boarding and disembarking Copper Jack is via a single entry point (though there are a number of other emergency exits).

The entry point is accessed via a pontoon leading from the quayside. A wide ramp is provided from the pontoon to the entrance of the boat, from which there are 4 wide steps with handrails leading to the main cabin.

For those with limited mobility, or using  wheelchair, Copper Jack has a hydraulic lift to take users from the pontoon to the cabin without any steps.

Does the boat have a toilet?

Copper Jack as a toilet and washroom. This facility is fully accessible for those with wheelchairs.

Can I walk down the side of the boat or sit at the stern or bow?

All passengers must remain inside the cabin of the boat during the boat trip.

The crew are the only ones allowed to walk down the side (gunwale) of the boat, bow and stern decks.

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