FAQ - What if my trip is cancelled or I need to cancel?

What happens if my cruise is cancelled?

If we have to cancel a cruise, we will endeavour to contact you ASAP.

If you have already paid for your tickets, you will be given a full refund.

I arrived too late for my cruise, what can I do now?

We appreciate circumstances where you are unable to make it in time for your cruise.

Although we do not offer a refund for you arriving too late for your cruise, we may offer you the option to rebook on another cruise.

What if I change my mind. Can I get a refund?

If you decide to cancel your booking, for Public Sailings or Music Events, you can cancel or change your booking online for as long as it is within 48 of the sailing.

Changes made after this will not be refunded.

The same applies for Private Charters – except just as making these types of booking, you need to contact us to inform us of the cancellation.


Why would a boat trip be cancelled?

Cancellations might occur if the Boat Master deems that the weather conditions (high winds or heavy rain), high tides, river Tawe in flood, or other operational reasons, would make it unsafe to sail.

That said, weather conditions are constantly monitored and, where possible, advance notice of a cancellation would be made

The weather looked fine and the sun was shining so why was my cruise cancelled?

Cancellation on what appears to be a nice day might be the result of a previous storm that has rendered the river level/flow too hazardous for the sailing.

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