Floating Classroom

The Trust has exciting plans to develop the Community Boat as a “Floating Classroom”. This innovative provision will offer study packages based on the biodiversity, industrial heritage and sustainability issues of the river corridor. A suite of computers will display animated recreations of historic landscapes as the Community Boat moves along the waterway. This “time travel experience” will motivate the young voyagers on the Floating Classroom.

Animations of historic landscapes will include “Swansea Docks in Victorian Times”, “Medieval Ships at the River Quay by Swansea Castle”, “The Great Rail Disaster”. “Swansea Potteries”, “Copperopolis”, etc. Their production will be a major project, commencing in earnest once the Community Boat is operating. A start has been made, as the has Trust gathered together archive resources to produce the heritage trail leaflet of the route that the Community Boat will follow.

The Trust supports a project based at Swansea University entitled The Global and Local Worlds of Welsh Copper preparing an exhibition on the Swansea copper industry, including animations of the copper works.

The “time travel experience” shows how the Floating Classroom will be developed as a learning resource and inspiration for children. It also illustrates the varied activities that the Swansea Community Boat will facilitate.

Swansea Community Boat will be developed as a social enterprise. The project will achieve financial sustainability if it can attract some of the visitors to the major attractions in the vicinity. Iwan Davies, Head of Culture and Tourism, City and County of Swansea, tells us that the National Waterfront Museum has 220,000 visitors per annum, 650,000 is projected for the Leisure Centre and 180,000 people visit Swansea Museum. He sees the Swansea Community Boat becoming “a very important attraction that will support the visitor offer”.

Other revenue will come from firms chartering the boat for corporate events, sales of items on board, individual sponsorship from “Friends of the Swansea Community Boat” and other fundraising events/activities. It is planned that these revenue streams will replace grant aid, in order to ensure long-term access to the project by school pupils and community group clients.

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  1. Angela Smith

    What a brilliant idea; a community boat to integrate and celebrate the diversity of people and cultures from our city.

    Is this boat ready to take passengers yet and if not please can you advise when you envisage this happening?

    I am working with various schools, colleges, universities and community groups presently toward an exciting city event in October which requires a good deal of forward planning. My vision is that trips may be arranged for groups to create art or literacy projects whilst on the move for a fee to you and a donation to the Jean-Robert Cadet Restavek Organization, to whom its founder is due to visit for “Black History Month”. It may be that other ideas upon the boat could be realised, such as presentation talks, the hosting of corporate wine and cheese evenings, etc, etc.

    If you can accomodate any of these ideas or have some of your own for community engagement activities which are mutually beneficial, please do not hesitate to contact me soon.

    Angela Smith
    @ Projectpiece, UK


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