We gratefully acknowledge the support of Interserve for their contributions which will enable us to undertake maintenance work on the boat.

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Who are Interserve?

Probably better known to the older generations in Swansea as R.M.Douglas or Tilbury Douglas the company has had a presence in the city since 1936 and completed many projects large and small in Swansea and throughout South Wales.

Now re-named as Interserve, the company is a leading UK provider of construction services and facilities management with a regional and international business network.

Always interested in working with the communities in which we operate, Interserve have been pleased to have been able to offer assistance to the Community Boat Trust in their commendable endeavours to provide for educational and social purposes an excellent facility for the community involving the river environment and it’s industrial history.

The intended route for the boat also links with many of Interserve’s flagship schemes in SA1, the Sainsbury Store, New Cut Road and up to the Liberty Stadium, one of our more recent projects.

How have Interserve helped us?

With the valued assistance of two of our supply chain partners, Speedy Hire and Haines Painting & Decorating, we have been able to provide the Trust with the appropriate lifting equipment to enable ABP to lift the boat in and out of the water and also the materials and equipment to complete the essential maintenance operations of cleaning and “bottom blacking” the hull.

We would hope that we can be of further assistance to the trust in the future.

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