Consulting with the Community

At an early stage, the Trust consulted with prospective clients through a Community Survey. A sample of 100 groups, from the Swansea area (including schools, disabled people, Communities First, womens, older people, etc) were sent a questionnaire. 65 groups responded, many with detailed comments. Only 2 expressed no interest in using the Swansea Community Boat.

Here are some of the views expressed during the community survey:

A boat trip which links a visit to the museum with a cruise up the River to see the Copperworks Sites would be ideal for this school”.
Mr. D. J. Jenkins, Hafod Primary School.

“We would certainly like to take part in this project if you are successful in getting it off the ground”
Mrs P. M. Baker, Swansea District Disabled Club.

“When the boat is purchased I would like to know the number of wheelchair passengers it could take”
Mrs P. English, Swansea Stroke Club.

“We think this project is a good idea and will be a benefit to people like senior citizens and disabled who cannot travel far, to enjoy a couple of hours away from home”
Mrs H. Feathers, Arthritis Care, Clydach.

“As a group we have used the Brecon boat and often the people wish there was similar in Swansea”
Mrs L. Williams, Re-cycled Teenagers (Over 55).

“Combined with a visit to the National Waterfront Museum (this) would be a worthwhile educational visit”
A.Morgan, Clwyd Community Primary School, Penlan.

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